You’ve surely heard the wisdom that if you buy socks for newborns and toddlers in a single color, such as white like I did, then you’ll never be without a matched pair. But just as you’re thinking you’ve outsmarted the dryer elves, along comes a bigger challenge – a two year-old with strong opinions on clothing, and white is definitely not all right.

Fortunately, Little Miss Matched has solved this problem, as the company name would indicate. One sock lost to the laundry? Another sock soiled beyond recognition? Easy fix: No one says they have to match. Not only do these snazzy socks come in a variety of bright colors and quirky Punky Brewster-esque designs, they’re packaged in odd numbers. Lose one and you’ve still got a pair or two.
Whether she gets dressed by herself or with help from (ahem) her less color coordinated parent, at least her socks will always pass muster. –Julie
[via that’s hot]
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