Baby naming is a big deal. With our first child, we made the mistake of telling everyone our name choices. But when our in-laws countered with a list of "appropriate" names, we realized we should have kept our mouths shut.
This time, you’ll see my sporting a shirtfrom the cool newly expecting line at Little Showoffs. In particular, the one shown here which kindly tells people to "butt the heck out" without you having to apologize for your out-of-control hormones.
I love how they’re not actually full-out maternity shirts, so you can wear them during those fun early months when you still feel the need to justify the bloat.
Now if they only made one that said "And no, we’re not naming him after you." -Kristen
WIN the pictured shirt in Black size XL (see the website for sizing details). Send an email to with LITTLE SHOWOFFS in the subject by 10PM EST today. We’ll pick a winner at random.


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