I am one of those people for whom one medicine cabinet is not enough. I have all manners of lotions and potions spilling out from every available crevice and corner in the bathroom. So when I run naked from the shower shouting about the joys of some new product, you have to believe it’s something special. mi (Japanese for rice) SPA is a line of heavenly artisanal soaps and beauty products, inspired by the Asian tradition of incorporating the grain into skincare. Beauty visionary Mimie Wong handcrafts them each in small batches, exclusively utilizing all-natural grains, butters, botanicals and yummy essential oils.
The Beauty-mi-Face bar that I sampled left my skin absolutely soft and delicious. The Pure Lavender bar would be a fantastic pre-bedtime chill out ritual for the kids. And if you can bear to part with the gorgeously packaged Bundle-mi quartet of soaps, you’ll be the weekend guest who gets invited back. (And a better woman than I.)
If only Mimie could create an antidote to pruney hands, I would have excellent incentive to leave the family to fend for themselves while I spend all day in the bath with her products. –Liz


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