The first time they throw thebottleon the ground, it’s kind of cute. They laugh, you bend over, and like the naive parent that you are, you give it back. But after doing it fifteen times straight, you realize that it’s not so cute, and neither are herniated discs or painkillers.
A better idea is the Drop Stop, a cool product that connects your child’s bottle or sippy cup to the stroller, carseat, or even the highchair. He can toss, throw, or juggle anything that’s attached to this strap and it will never hit the ground. Essentially it’s a large elastic band with velcro: brilliance at it’s most simplistic.
If you’re not already motivated to buy at least three of them from Atea Kids, let me just add this: Consider how many fewer times you will now have to stick your ass in the air in public places. -Kristen

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