When I found out I was having a baby boy, I quickly bought the most
masculine looking car seat I could find. Blue–dark blue–punctuated with every shade of blue. So what do I do if I have a baby girl next and I’m bitten by the pink bug, I wondered. I’d hate to toss a perfectly good car seat over the aesthetics.

Then I came across Pink Taffy Designs’ delicious handmade car seat covers. They’re ideal for making that old Graco feel new again, or for simply turning the behemoth Britax into something you don’t mind eyeing in the rear view every six seconds. The covers are plush, very well made, and fit most standard seats. And (key) they’re washable. Sweet!

I fell head over heels in love with the Cherries toddler seat cover myself, but with dozens of options, there’s surely something to suit your own sensibilities.
Now all I need is baby #2. Um, honey? –Rebecca
Enter Cool Mom at checkout for 10% off all Pink Taffy orders.
Note: Car seat covers other than those from the manufacturer are not guaranteed to be flame-retardant.

Tags: automotive

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