I’m not the most experienced parent in the world, but from what I understand, I have only a few months left until my daughter asks that inevitable question: Can I get a pet? Knowing her, it won’t be any old pet; it will be a turtle or a snake or, help me, a rat.
So, I’m hoping I can nip this one in the bud with a Ragamuffin Rat Doll from Crispina/Fuchsia, Inc. Before you run screaming for the hills, you have to take a look at them. They’re completely hand sewn, made entirely from recycled sweaters, and dare I say, kind of cute. In a weird vermin sort of way.
If rats aren’t your thing, Crispina/Fuchsia offers several fantastic alternatives like a Ragamuffin dinosaur or a potbelly pig. However, if your kid is anything like mine, you might want to grab the rat while you can. At least this one is stuffed. -Kristen


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