I stillrememberthatsweet 18K gold ID bracelet I was given as little girl. I wore that thing every single day, turning my mom into a nervous hovering wreck for fear I’d lose it.For my own daughter, I want something similar, only a little more 2006 anda little less anxiety provoking.
The perfect solution are these handstamped sterling cuff bracelets by jewelry designer Mary Ann Springer of Pink Papillon. Mary Ann creates each of them by hand, first by flattening the silver, then stamping yourchild’s name or a special phrase, and finally shaping it to your size requirements. (And in case you’re wondering, she also makes them in adult sizes.)
If you’re stuck on what to have engraved, the site offers up some popular sayings like "sugar and spice." However, we think a personal nickname is a great idea, or maybe a phrase like "eats small objects." At least forour little ones. -Kristen


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