When you hear of a children’s artist by the name of Mr. David, you probably have a certain image that comes to mind. Chances are, the image is not that of a twenty-something Bay-area rocker and former skate punk who was heavily influenced by his hippie parents and their 60s’s music collection.

And when you think of children’s music, you probably (still) have a certain (outdated) idea of what you’re going to hear–certainly not sophisticated, poetic lyrics, or a sound that reflects the influence of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan.

But that is exactly what you’ll get from the brand new release, The Great Adventures of Mr. David. And Mr. David? He’s actually David Alexandrou. More than a children’s musician, he’s also part of a grown-up rock band, an actor, a painter, and a writer.

Fourteen of the fifteen tracks on Great Adventures are originals, ranging from a few short instrumental tracks to upbeat ditties like “I’m a Fish” to long and rambling ballads. You can hear sample tracks and order your own copy at CDBaby or Amazon. While I found the album stunning and artistic on my own adult level, my six-year-old loved it too and I bet your kids will feel the same.
The only downside to Mr. David? Sorry girls, he’s taken. –Amy

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