I can’t possibly have been the only new mom who experienced layette anxiety: Will it irritate her belly button? Do I cut out the tag? Do I have to wash it first? And do I really have to get that stupid overpriced detergent?
Two mothers have taken the worry out of dressing newborns with a very smart line of clothing for babies up to 3 months. It’s aptly named New, and the more you investigate, the more you realize how thoughtfully designed it is.There are no scratchy tags. There are snaps at the neckline. There are fold-over cuffs to keep newborn fingernails away from newborn skin. And boy, this is some mighty nice cotton–thick, soft and stretchy, just the way it should be.
Looks-wise, you’ll find variations on the basic themes of pink, blue or unisex green. Just the kind of thing you can get as a gift for someone whose taste you don’t know all that well. But what you sacrifice in avant-garde styling you gain in practicality; everything works together, whether you buy two pieces or an entire (nicely discounted) gift set.
Now the only thing you have to do before heading to the hospital is stock up on laundry detergent. Here’s a hint: don’t get the stupid overpriced one. –Liz
[thanks, Asha!]
CMP readers: For 10% off all purchases at New For Baby, enter code CMP during checkout.


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