Being pregnant doesn’t mean turning into Frumpo McFrump. In fact there is nothing wrong with being Sexy McSexypants or Rock McRoll when you’re with child in the 21st century. Which is why I’m totally crushing on LAB40’s custom pregger tees.
With more than sixty fresh and funky designs (no "baby on board" here), you can mix and match colors, styles and designs, creating the perfect matern-i-tee for your style and shape. Rock the ribbed tank in the summer, the trendy layered tee for the fall, or the so-so-so cute hoody year round. It’s like that one splurge shirt you’ll wear your whole pregnancy long.
(And If you’re not with child yourself, a LAB40 gift certificate would definitely make a pregger’s day.)Childbearing is cool. Rock out with your belly out. –Rebecca

Namedropping allowed: Mention Cool Mom in the subject for free shipping.

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