Growing up, I rarely saw my mother without knitting needles in her hands. Whether we were on long car trips or visiting family and friends, the needles clicked away endlessly. The lesson I took from it: Great way to stay entertained while visitingthe in-laws.

If you’re a knitter, or have ever wanted to learn, Vintage Purl’s website is a must-visit. Their knitting kits include the patterns, the right needles, and the wool you need to make beautiful children’s clothes. All you need is the skill.
Vintage Purl offers soft, washable New Zealand merino wool and silk blendsin an array of colors, plus patterns ranging from sweaters, hats, and scarves in sizes from 3 to 24 months.

So go ahead and plan thattwo-day car trip to see the kid’s grandparents. Not only will you have everything you need to keep your hands and mind occupied, but your mother-in-law will be so busy complimenting your knitting that she just might notcriticize your housekeeping. –Julie

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