I’ll never forget the morning of The Big Meeting at work, when my little girl Rosie was about 6 months old. I was just about to walk out the door — when suddenly she horked all over my best suit. I had protected my shoulder with a burpcloth, but still ended up with a line of spit-up dribbling down my back and all over my clean pants which of course I didn’t notice until I was already at the office.

Fortunately, enterprising mom-turned-inventor Margaret Pressler can save moms like me from tragic pre-meeting (or pre-playgroup or pre-walk around the block) spit-up accidents. The BurpCatcher features an open pocket to catch the–er–emissions in their tracks, leaving your clothes protected.
The soft fabric design is easily washable and has no hard parts to scratch baby or snag a favorite sweater. Throw it in your diaper bag in the morning and in the washing machine at night. Simple.

The Burpcatcher is available for just ten bucks at Creative Kid Stuff. Wish I’d had one of them about a year and a half ago. Though if it had been just a burp that needed catching, I wouldn’t have ended up with that major dry cleaning bill. –Nancy


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