I’ve always loved the mysticism associated with bamboo. It’s a symbol of long life, protection against evil, and strength–all of which I could use more of these days. Especially strength.The bamboo glass necklace from photoglassworks is a beautiful way to keep those positive bamboo vibes close to you.
Artist and mama Tracey Antonik is inspired by other artist’s photographs and prints, which she then transforms into striking glass jewelry. She handcuts, grinds and wire wraps each teeny piece (some are just 3/4") herself, then suspends it from a ball bearing chain that contrasts the delicate pendant.
Any of her designs can be made on your choice of white stained glass or clear glass. Check out the Tree of Life and the Magprint Swept Away necklace as well.
For just $19, why choose between them? Get all three. Oh yeah…there’s me needing that strength again. –Liz
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