I am amazed at how, in the two seconds that I turn my back, my daughter is able to get food inside her sleeves, down the back, under the hems of her jeans. I just never know where a wayward farfalle noodle will end up –or when I’ll actually find it.
So I am so excited to have discovered the food smocks from Brooklyn mom and designer Corey Robbins. These lightweight coated cotton smocks slip on easily, and fasten in the back through the magic of velcro. They’re also great as craft smocks, when you’d rather the glue and glitter stay off the clothes (and ideally, the hair).As elegant as her website is, I assure you, it doesn’t do these smocks justice. They’re just beautifully crafted, with clean lines, straight hems, and beautiful shaping. They come in eight fantastic patterns (bandanna is super looking in person) so you won’t mind covering up the cute outfit at dinnertime quite so much.
They’re available at Corey’s e-boutique, Petite Violette. And while they do cost a few bucks, I think what you save in laundry detergent in one week alone will more than make up for it. -Liz
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