Today marks the beginning of breast cancer awareness month. While seeking out some cool but under-the-radar organizations affiliated with the cause, one of the first we fell in love with isFeel Your Boobies. And that was just on the name alone.
The company’s mission is every bit as excellent as its moniker–owner and two-year survivor Leigh Hurst creates hip apparel and other products to raise awareness of breast cancer prevention through self-examination.The flagship product is the Feel Your Boobies tee shirt, which has been spotted adorning tatas far and wide (including Sheryl Crow’s). Plus now there’s a fabulous couture line including a hipster-chic Nic Norman belt buckle, an absurdly cute Bagettes cosmetic bag, holiday notecards from CMP-approved Tobi Wood Designs, and a baby onesie. Because heck, who has a more vested interest in keeping boobs healthy and intact than the nation’s newborns?It goes without saying that a large portion of the profits from Feel Your Boobies purchases go to organizations like the American Cancer Socity and the Susan G Komen Foundation.
So go. Now. Feel those boobies. Then go to the website and show the world what a good, good thing you’ve done. –Liz


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