I admit that at first, I fell victim to the ugly pricy diaper bag. Then I transitioned to the large purse, which has worked well for me since my daughter reached toddlerdom. However, with #2 arriving in a few months and the threat of leaky bottles looming, it’s time to go back to the world of bags made to handle spills and messes.I’m digging the new Devani Diaper Bag from Baby Kaed, the brain child of mom Lavinia Lobo.Seekinga snazzy, stylish, purse-like diaper bag that could actually help organize all the crazy stuff we new moms carry around, Lavinia sat down to design her own. And boy did she ever.
Not only do Baby Kaed bags combine great style and practicality (the CityMom bag is very Prada), buther bagsalso include all the little stuff you usually have to buy on the side -like a large changing pad, cell phone case, pacifier purse, messy days bag, a wipes case, and a cosmetic case.Phew!
If the Devani isn’t your style, check out Lavinia’s other designs. She’s sure to have something that appeals to the purse lover in you. And don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone you’re carrying a diaper bag.
Baby Kaed bags are available atPotato Ears.-Kristen

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