The Christmas of my childhood generally consisted of a full stocking and one big gift, which we certainly preferred to the alternative of fourteen crappy plastic toys and a few itchy grandma sweaters. It was way cooler to get something like a ballet barre, a rocking horse, or a teepee. Okay, so maybe we never got a teepee but now your kids can, especially if they want to out-awesome all their friends.
Mom-creators Leslie and Lori of Teepee for Me use high-quality fabrics and durable PVC poles to create the most spectacular, high quality teepee tents. Choose from 18 fantastic designs, like Monkey Business or Retro Cool, all of which will arrive at your door fully assembled. No tools, ladies. Hoorah.If you desire, you can add a name sign, pillow, and a play mat to complete your child’s fantasy play area. Plus know that when you purchase from Teepee for Me, you’re getting a totally Made-in-the-USA product from moms who donate a portion of their profits to charity. How can you resist?
I’m just trying to figure out which one would look the best in my living room. Especially since, well, it will actually be my living room. -Kristen
Enter the code "coolmom" at checkoutand get a free matching pillow ($64 value)with your order!


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