Show me a woman who can resist one of those Cosmo-style "what type are you?" quizzes, and I’ll show you a man in drag.Which means women are going to love the jewelry from independent San Francisco jewelry designer Kim Shephard at her online boutique, Urban Dencity. Each of her necklaces and earrings fit into one of four collections: Sophisticated Chloe, exotic Jade, sporty Kate, and bohemian Sienna. But don’t be limited by the labels. While I hardly consider myself bohemian, the original flower necklace from the Sienna collection is begging me to take it home.
And moms are going to love Kim’s spectacular Baby Bejeweled necklace (shown here), which she designed to commemorate the birth of your child. The delicate 14k gold design incorporates three dangling birthstones–one for the baby, and one for each of the proud new parents.
Almost makes me want to have another kid. Oh wait–I am! –Liz


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