My 2-year-old daughter thinks that everything mustfollow a specific theme and lately, it’s dinosaurs. Pink or purple, only. However, have youtried finding pink or purple dinosaur anything these days–that’s not the bloated guy in the suit?Well I did. Check out these Stoolasaurus Step Stools, handmade and handpaintedby woodworking hobbyist Benjamin Mace. He must have known my daughter in another life because not onlywill this stool satisfyher penchant for purple polka-dotted dinosaurs, but it allows her just a bit more independence. Translation: One less time I have to pick up her up.
If dinos aren’t your thing, check out his other great stools (I love the fire truck too) and wall pegs. He’s sure to have somethingthat will satisfythe picky tot…in you.– Kristen


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