With all the paintings, knick-knacks, and brightly colored toys in my daughter’s room, it’s a wonder she can actually sleep. Combine that with the busy crib bedding patterns that most stores sell, and it’s overstimulation central in there.
Instead of selecting a rainbow of trucks or zoo animals, consider paring down the bedding with the Pure Sleep Gift Set from Pure Beginnings. These custom made organic crib sets are soft, thick, plush and breathable–some of the many benefits of buying organic. Each set features a bumper and cover, fitted and flat sheets, and a quilted wool-filled comforter (which of course you won’t use until your baby is old enough), all in a clean, soothing, off-white color.
That’s it. Not even one bee, lamb, or flower.
This way, no matter what else you strew around the room, you won’t need to worry about it matching the crib. And when, at the age of two your child requests an entirely new bedroom theme, at least the bedding can stay. Phew. -Kristen


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