I have a thing for kids clothes that just look like…well, kids clothes, as opposed to mini versions of what parents are wearing. Don’t even get me started on blazers for infants and belly-baring toddler tees.
So when I discovered that internationally reknown Spanish artist Dulce Quesada Magro is turning her considerable talents towards a line of whimsical kids clothes and accessories, I knew I was going to love them.Dolca is only just now available in the US, so head over to e-boutique The White Balloon and be the first on your block to get your hands on her fantastic backpacks (The snail! I’m kvelling over the snail!); adorable boys and girls tops; and appropriately kid-like cotton dresses that make you yearn for many female offspring. Plus coming soon, Dolca will be serving up the cutest shoes eh-vah.
Dolca is no Bratz-wear. But something tells me, you can live with that. –Liz


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