I love to find moms making great kids’ music. And I love it even more when those moms turn out to be smart, funny, and cool – the kind of mom I would want to hang out with at the park or at soccer, if only she would have me.
It was easy to feel that kind of cool mom connection when I first caught the music of Ginger Hendrix. Not only does she have pretty much the greatest name ever, but her debut album, Macaroni Boy Eats at Chez Shooby Doo, is a big hit at our house. My six-year-old digs the wacky lyrics on the title track and original songs like "My Daddy Loves Tools." I had to laugh out loud when hearing my existence reflected in songs like "How the Days Go By." ( Sometimes we go shopping in the afternoon / take a nice big loop around Target / chew some gum, drink a lemonade / maybe go home with all new socks.)
Ginger’s sound is relaxed and fun – on most songs it’s just her and her guitar. She’s occasionally joined by her 4 and 6 year-old sons on backup vocals, Dean Giles on percussion, or by a chorus of "Morro Bay Moms" on the four live tracks. You can hear samples here, or get right to the buying at CD Baby or ITunes.
I promise it’s worth it. Although no, she does not play guitar with her teeth. –Amy

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