Sometimes you want music for your children that teaches essential pre-school concepts like counting or sharing. But then there are times you and your kids just want to rock. And that’s when you need a copy of the brand new CD from Brooklyn-based Audra Rox: I Can Do It By Myself! Lead singer Audra Tsanos is a mom and music educator who is backed by an impressive crew of New York musicians, some of them parents themselves. Together they create a high-energy power pop sound with a punk rock sensibility, and have the tattoos to go along with it. From the rebellious Short Attention Span to more heartfelt songs like Don’t Wake the Baby, the original lyrics are consistently clever and fun.
Starting in January, you can catch AudraRox on NOGGIN’s Jack’s Big Music Show, but trust me, you don’t want to wait that long. Download samples or order your own copy here.
Then push the furniture out of the way, dust off the leather jackets, and get ready to crank the stereo up to 11. –Amy