One of the hardest wardrobe staples to let go of is definitely the concert tee. Filled with the memories (and aromas) of youthful indiscretion and unfortunate hairstyles, it’s as if tossing the battered old thing is tossing the memories.
Now you can relive the good times through your offspring, without actually putting the kid in the same shirt that…you know, you did that thing in that one night. The very cool Duck Duck Goose Boutique, a store funkier than the name might indicate, offers Rowdy Sprout’s authentic rocker onesies and toddler tees from headbanging greats Ozzy, Skynyrd, and ACDC.They’re as worn-looking as the originals of yore, only these garments are made brand new just for baby–cuddly soft and tag free. Just as Malcolm and Angus first envisioned them, no doubt. –Liz


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