Front carriers are great and all until your baby gets big enough to hold his or her head up. And then while you can flip them around, they still precariously danglein what I sometimes fear is not the most comfortable position.
If you’re looking for something that combines style, functionality and longevity, check out these amazing mei tai (no, not the drink) carriers from Cat Bird Baby. They feature everything from a wide seat base for dangle-free comfort, cushy shoulder straps, and the versatility of use until your child is 2. Plus, did you look at them? Gorgeous!
Mamas-to-be, youshould definitely consider these as a great addition to your registry. Or if you already have a little one who loves to be carried (um, isn’t that all babies?) then snatch one up, stat. Your back will thank you, trust me. -Kristen

Tags: babywearing

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