Recently a friend of mine arrived home with her beautiful new daughter – a thirteen month-old from China. I love how she’s making an effort to help her child retain aspects of her heritage, even as she assimilates into her new home.A perfect gift for her–or any new parent, come to think of it–is one of the Chinese Satin Baby Blankets from Graceful Kate Designs. Owner and Massachusetts mama Sue Cassels offers a beautiful selection of florals, dragon prints and brocades. (I especially adore the gold dragonfly shown here.) While the front is all silky and touchable, the back is made from a luscious microfiber velour. And yes, they’re washable.What’s more, 10% of each blanket is donated to the Half The Sky Foundation, an amazing organization providing assistance to thousands of orphaned children in China whose disabilities will preclude them from finding homes.
On second thought, buy more than one. Parents can never have too many awesome baby blankets that help support fantastic causes. –Liz