Pretend for a moment you have a personal shopper for your baby or young child — who also happens to have amazing taste and a degree in developmental psychology. Well, that’s basically what you get with Lovevery Baby, a wonderful subscription service that curates and ships stunning, carefully selected baby and toddler toys for each stage of development.

While we first shared LovEvery Baby in 2018 as a service just for newborns up to 12 months, they now offer so many new options for children up to age four — all still curated by a serious roster of experts.

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LovEvery Baby subscription play boxes for babies by developmental stage: Here, ages 0-12 months

LovEvery Baby playkits for Ā children ages 0-12Ā mos

Lovevery Baby: How it Works for Babies

Enter your baby’s birth date and every two months, they’ll send you an age-appropriate box of gorgeous toys, all ethically sourced, and curated by some serious experts, along with a different month-by-month play guide for parents.

For example, in weeks 0-12 you get “The Looker,” which includes graphic black-and-white toys, cards, travel gear, a mobile and sensory links for a play gym.

By months 9-10, you’re up to “The Explorer” (below), meaning your baby is ready for a set of seven beautiful Montessori toys including a pincer chime ball, stainless jingle keys (to keep the real ones out of their mouth!), and a “How I Feel” photographic board book.

I think this gift subscription would make a thoughtful and generous baby gift, since it keeps giving long after friends and family have stopped gifting you loveys. (As if you need more of those.) Or gift a new parent this stunning Montessori toy shelf so they have a place to keep all these gorgeous toys they’ll be accumulating!

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LovEvery Baby subscription play boxes by developmental stage: Here, ages 4-5LovEvery Baby playkits for children ages 4-5


Lovevery Baby: How it works for children 2-5

When you’ve passed the “lie there and just look cute phase,” you can order 3-month kits for every new stage after a year-old. Ā  “The Babbler” is for months 13-15, “The Enthusiast” is for 2.5 year-olds, Ā and then there are such fun kits with equally gorgeous, thoughtful toys for older children. Here, the developmental play kits are built around themes like observation, storytelling, connecting, analyzing, investigating, Ā and as your child is ready to hit 5-years-old, planning.

Clearly, they know that we new parents love reading about what our babies and young children are doing at every stage and why.

Lovevery also offers new Parent Course Packs that blend parental and child learning around topics like potty training, introducing solids, or welcoming a new sibling. You can add on items like baby dolls or a board book bundle to accompany the learning, especially if you’re buying a birthday gift.

It’s so nice for new parents to stop worrying about when to work on their baby’s pincer grasp or transition to colorful toys…and spend more time actually playing. Or napping. Hopefully.

Order theĀ Lovevery Baby subscription toy boxes for babies on their website and learn more about each developmental stage. Everything is ethically sourced and by 2025, they are aiming to have 90% of all their materials made from renewable, biobased, or recycled materials You can also order on Amazon now, and easily add to your Amazon registry if you’re expecting.