Thanks to my mother-in-law, that 36-22-36 blonde doll made an unwelcome entrance into my toddler’s toy gallery this holiday season. But that doesn’t mean I’m giving in to all future Barbie requests so fast. It just means I’m going to have to find something ten times cooler than her royal plastic majesty.
And so I’m enlisting the help of Wren Handmade, a company that makes lovely dolls exactly to your specifications. No more fruitless searching for that rare doll of color, a redhead, or one that has to wear the exact shade of purple that makes your daughter squeal. Just email Laura with your custom order and check out her shop for a variety of cute, classy clothing–no slutty crop tops or Daisy Duke shorts. Just dolls that look like real, live, loveable people. For a very refreshing change. -Kristen
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