Now that I’ve returned to the world of breastfeeding, I’ve officially begun the search for a nursing bra that doesn’t scream "Look, a nursing bra!" You know, something that actually hoists the girls up without those straight jacket tactics.
Thanks to Nummies, I’m letting my nursing baby alone tell the world that I’m breastfeeding, instead of the outline of my bra under my shirt.
Mom of three, Alison Kramer, has created bras that nail all three requirements in my book: they’re functional, comfy and attractive. Her Everyday line is perfect for bumming around the house. Or if you want something with a bit more sass, check out her Fashion line(pictured) featuring sexier, deeper cuts, accents like lace trim, and contoured cup to hide those pads. (Yes! Hide them! Please!)I’m all for anything that keeps the girls happy. And, come to think of it, the guys. -Kristen


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