Our lawn is covered in snow – again – but the calendar doesn’t lie: Spring really is right around the corner. While I’m looking forward to wagon rides to the park, I’m not excited about coaxing the girls into their coats, which I will then have to carry as the day goes on. Layering is the key here.
This rosy pink cardigan from Bebe Ravi is the perfect outer layer. The soft merino wool adds warmth without adding weight,so it’s easily shed (and carried by you, of course) after a few trips down the slide. And the craftsmanship on it is absolutely spectacular, making this a real heirloom piece. Need any more incentive? It’s handknit by local villagers in Kenya, with a portion of all the proceeds dedicated to supporting African children orphaned byHIV/AIDS.
Sunny spring days and soft spring cardigans – I’m so ready. Aren’t you? –Julie

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