Some trends in kidswear cannot be short-lived enough. That whole pimp genre of little boys’ tees? If I never see another one again that would be just fine. But one trend I’m loving: The groovy 70s-inspired designs on kids tees, that look eerily like the ones I might have worn back in my way younger days.
Some of the best styles we’ve come across are the tees and onesies at Tomat Kids. Each one is designed by Efi Latief, graphic designer and uber-hip mom with a great sense of style and humor. The sooo NY/ sooo LA tees let your baby proclaim his coastal alliance in eye-popping color. But it’s the Future DJ tee and onesies I’m especially loving – most of all because it comes in pink too. Who says only boys are handy with a turntable?
Get yourself a couple of Tomat tees and in no time you’ll feel cool enough to slum it on Avenue C with a soy chai in one hand and the kiddo in the other. –Liz

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