As a fairly style conscious woman, I always thought that looking put together, in body, mind and home was an easy, natural thing. Until I had a kid. And then another one. And nowit takes as much energy as I can muster just to pick out a bag that goes with my barely matching outfit.
So what I lack in time and energy to pull together a great ensemble, Deadly Squire is making up for me around the house with their incredibly widearray of cool housewares, bags, and accessories. Basically they take a few funky fabrics and apply them to everything from oven mitts, throw pillows, tote bags –heckeven a skateboard. You know. For when the minivan is in on the fritz.
So coordinate as much as you want or mix and match their mixable-matchable patterns. If you thought that going matchy-matchy was ghastly without exception, Deadly Squire’s selection will make you rethink that premise in spades. -Kristen
[via Oh Joy]


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