I’ve entirely accepted that fact that I must carry a diaper bag when I’m out with my kids. I know plenty of women however, who don’t care how much the thing looks like a regular handbag, it still screams "mommy" too much for their liking. Of course I think the diaper clutch, leaky bottles, and wet wipes spilling out of their purse does that regardless.
So, for you moms in denial (or simply with a dislike of diaper bags) I give you the Nappi Sak by Suzibella. It easily accommodates a couple of diapers and wipes in a convenient plastic pouch, right along with your wallet, cell phone and keys. When you close it up and slip the funky bamboo handles over your wrist, it absolutely looks like a fashionable little handbag.
Now you’ll just have to figure out how to explain why you use that cute bag of yours to tote around diapers. -Kristen
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