Those fill-in-the-blank baby books didn’t work well for me. While some of the questions didn’t apply, I just didn’t like to leave the pages completely empty–or worse, use the bureaucratic Not Applicable. Eventually, I decided to eschew the pre-formatted books and put together a baby book of my own design.

Of course deciding is not the same as doing, as all new parents know. A great alternative is to engage Heritage Makers to help put your baby’s story together into a hardcover, professionally bound book. Indeed, this website’s focus is on the story itself, and so they make it easy for you to weave together a touching narrative rather than just cobbling together a bunch of stats around photos. Too cool.

The website provides a great guide to storytelling, including a series of story starters to get the memories flowing around your significant event–whether it’s the birth or adoption of your new little one, a big family vacation, or the commemoration of a grandparent. In the end you’ll have something way more polished than a baby book.

Especially if you never did one in the first place. Oops. –Nancy

[via alphamom]

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