As a lover of all things multi-cultural, I am on the hunt for quality baby gear that is both inclusive and multilingual. I mean, I get the charm of diapers embroidered with ‘Oui Oui!’ but I’ve been looking for something a little more…classic.
Enter the super cool, Il Cocco di Mamma. Italian-American zia (or Auntie) Donna Bottari’s boutique is the real deal, offering a really elegant multilingual selection including children’s books and CDs in 12 different languages (Greek! Arabic! Portuguese!); their beautiful, soft original tees; and my personal favorite, the wooden alphabet blocks teaching Italian, Greek, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew and French. (No Niger-Cordofanian just yet.) Can’t find what you’re looking for? Donna will create a customized gift package for the special bambini in your life. You just may help turn him into an intrepid traveler yet. Molto bene, no? – Tina

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