The way I see it, the poor little gestating fetus has been naked for a full nine months. It’s only fair that once he or she starts breathing oxygen that you swap that hospital-issue swaddling blanket and ugly cap for something a bit more worthy.

The new beginnings layette from West Coast Baby makes a spectacularly simple coming home outfit for your new addition. Moms Amanda Moat and Nicole Vaslot have created beyond cute infant kimono wraps made with the softest, stretchy cotton (seriously–so soft) in beautifully subdued shades of pink, orange, blue, cream and brown. The brown piping in particular keeps you from feeling like you’ve succumbed to pastels. And diaper changes? Easy. Or at least, easier.Pair the wrap with a matching cap and blanket and you’ve got a baby who will wonder why she ever waited nine whole months to make her grand entrance. –Liz


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