My kids are in day care, which means every Friday afternoon, I’ve got a boatload of school supplies, clothing, and show-and-tell items to hunt down and drag back home. That’s why Mabel’s Labels are just the thing for my family.
Founded by a bunch of moms sick of losing all their kids’ stuff, their colorful, customized designs make labeling easy and–dare I say it?–kind of fun. The Sticky Labels and smaller Skinny-Minis are perfect for identifying things like books, toys, and sunscreen bottles. I especially love that they’re microwave- and dishwasher-safe, so I don’t have to relabel the stupid sippy-cup after every wash.
And I’m really enamored of their newest item, Tag-mates, which helps ensure you don’t send your son to school in a $50 jacket, only to have him return home with a classmate’s K-mart special. Just stick the label on a clothing tag and you’re done, without having even turned on an iron. Even I can handle that.
But cute and handy as they are, your favorite part might be catching people red-handed with your stuff. Heh. -Nancy


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