It’s Memorial Day – as in the official start of swim season. I know, I know, it’s just too hard to choose between trombone for toddlers and, pre-k/ickboxing. But whether you’re the type to go overboard on kids’ activities or not, I hope you’re fitting swim lessons in there somewhere. The gear from Konfidence is ideal for little tadpoles 2+ just getting their feet wet, so to speak. The signature Konfidence jacket is safer than those arm floats and smarter than a life vest. Essentially it’s a snug, neoprene vest with removable inner floats that you can remove the more comfortable your kid gets with the water (think training wheels). Soon enough, you’ve got a confident swimmer on your hands.
Poke around the website; the family-run company offers other clever products like kid-sized wetsuits and UV-protective swimwear to help shield those parts that aren’t slathered in sunblock.
Spring for some flip flops and board shorts to go with the new gear, and hit the pool for lessons this summer. You might get to ogle a cute lifeguard or two. Can’t say that about Mommy and Me classes, can you? –Julie
***While moms are ever-vigilant when it comes to safety precautions (don’t forget to slice those grapes in half lengthwise) it never hurts to know what to do in the event of the unthinkable. Check out CHASE for Life for tips on performing CPR and the Heimlich maneuver, as well as links to classes in your local area.
And happy summer, cool moms!
[thanks, ashley!]


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