When your child finally leaves the 35-pound diaper bag stage, you’re left with a couple of options: Continue carrying the same gigantic bag even though you could basically fit your kid in there, or dare to toss a sippy cup in your purse.Thanks to Cecilia at Itty Bitty Lady Bug, I’ve got a third option — the Haiku To-Go Bag. For just $65 (wow), you’ll get the the sturdiest, handiest, and coolest "kid friendly" bag I’ve ever seen. You’d never guess that the interior is moisture-resistant and packed with pockets, or that the straps are stroller-ready. From the outside, it looks just looks like an amazing Japanese-inspired messenger bag you snagged from your fave snotty hipster boutique.Considering these bags sell out within days of restocking, I’m not the only one who is loving them. So snatch one up while you can. You’ll thank me later. -Kristen

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