Am I tired of paying $5 for a card to go with every gift for every kid’s birthday party on the block? More like I’m tired of running around the house looking for a sticky note to slap on that puppy. Well, no more.
Lauren Goessling Designs, creators of beautiful custom invitations cards and stationery, has created the cutest personalized gift enclosures and stickers to help make wrapping up a cinch. You’ll find designs from sweet butterflies and daisies to soccer balls and graphic patterns. But here’s the kicker – you not only get to choose the design, you can customize your child’s name and font, along with the color of the icon and even the paper.
Clearly designer (and mother of two) Goessling is smart enough to know that there’s no pleasing two moms the same way.
A set of totally custom gift enclosures starts at $20. That’s $20 to never again have to say "hey, that one without a card…yeah, that’s from us." –Laura
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