I’m all for a cute halter bikini on me (when I’m in my best possible shape) but on my 3 year old? Call me a fuddy-duddy butI’d prefer something that covers her just a bit more. Besides, slathering suntan lotion all over a constantly moving little body every hour is too darn hard. I say, more fabric!That’s why I can’t say enough about Little Red Fish, a geniusswimwear company out of New Zealand.Not only will your kids have 50+ SPF protection wearing these simple, very high quality, age-appropriate designs (I’m loving the stripes), but they won’t become walking advertisements for every Nickelodeon character in existence.
Of course that depends on the kind of beach towels you own. And pails. And hats. And lunch boxes. –Kristen
Congrats to Kathryn F. who won a suit of her choice from Little Red Fish!


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