When my son arrived, I wanted to include my daughter in the announcements. I figured what the heck, let’s force the whole sharing thing on them early. They can hate me later. My lame attempt was basically just including her name on the card Instead, I’m so wishingI had found the elegant Big Brother/Big Sister Announcements from Minnie & Emma Correspondence. Featuring big and little giraffes and including envelopes with your choice of linings (details, people, details!), the cards are an adorable way to let the big sibling introduce the new rugrat in style.
If giraffes aren’t your thing, drop the company an email–they’re happy to create something that best suits your new brood. And grab some personalized thank-yous to match while you’re at it. Take it from me, writing thank you notes may be a pain in the butt, but it’s way worse when you’ve got nothing to write on. -Kristen
Congrats to Rose. She won her own set of personalized thank-yous courtesy of Minne and Emma!


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