I remember reading somewhere that color has such impact on behavior and mood, that babies in yellow nurseries actually cry more than babies in blue nurseries. So guess who has a yellow nursery? Hello.
I’m glad to learn now that yellow is not the color of colic, but the color of wisdom. And happiness. At least according to Evoke Baby, a really wonderful family-run company that’s created a line of tees based on the premise of color therapy. Tees and onesies feature simple, modern graphics portraying the kinds of ideas you’d like your baby to represent, like serenity, strength or harmony. Will wearing a "serenity" onesie make a screaming infant serene? Eh. But at least they’ll look cute during tantrums.And huge kudos to the company for making "confidence" pink. We could certainly use more baby girls wearing that, and fewer wearing "diva." –LizEnter code ebaby15 for 15% off your purchase Congrats Amanda F who won her own set of 5 onesies


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