There seems to be two kinds of bibs out there – the cute ones you put on the kids for company but that leaves most of their clothes exposed, and the full body armor you haul out for spaghetti night. We’ve finally found something perfectly in between. Hello, OopC!
(The exclamation point is theirs, not mine. But I’d have used it anyway.)
This line of bibs from fantastic mom/grandmom-run company I’m Still Me has been known for a their smart dual use – each one opens wide and drapes comfortably over a shoulder as a burp cloth. Then as kids start digging into real food, the ample size will make you sigh yes, perfect.
Even better, the company has come out with a new organic line this year that’s just awesome. Each bib is super soft, like your favorite lush terry washcloths, and the neutral color is really pleasing. There’s even a gift set if you like the bib enough to want the coordinating changing pad too (you will).
Plus, how great is it that you can now honestly say, "Oh organic? We have it at every meal." –Liz


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