I really dig that the Mod-1970s thing has made a comeback, if only so my son can grow up with groovy items, just like the ones his old mom had when Marsha Brady was trying out for cheerleader.
Gibberjabber Design takes the best of the Nixon era–decoupage–and goes all-out designer with it in their Oilily kimono fabric-covered vintage table and chair set. The result is way cooler than anything we had back in the day.
Sure, the tiny tot table might be a little more than you’d spend on something you’d find in your average gargantuan Scandinavian maze store, but it’s still reasonable. And adaptable too; like the parents of three that the husband/wife designers are (let alone a trained artist and a former children’s clothing designer), they made the table so that you can actually remove the legs when your little one outgrows it, and even display the wooden tabletop as art. Far out!
Because no matter how much you hate to see it, some change is inevitable. And, of course, in the immortal words of Peter Brady, when it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange. –Laura
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