I think we can all agree that we’d like our children to be skilled in the social graces, whether they’re enjoying supper with the ambassador to Switzerland on your next family ski trip to Gstaad, or at a birthday party chez Chuck E. Cheese.
For those parents who are devoted to raising their children to be the very best dinner guests, museum-goers, and cotillion invitees that they can possibly be, I suggest you check out Beverly Hills Manners. The company offers a variety of children’s programs from a beginner’s fine dining course ("not that fork!") to a week-long etiquette camp where I’m all but certain there’s no latrine duty. There’s even private tutorial for those who’d prefer to keep the learning at home on the estate.
Your little ones will learn much more than simply not to put their elbows on the table–like how to write thank you notes and why the clothes that Paris and Britney wear aren’t suitable for the third grade. Such training is infinitely more valuable than yet another pedestrian Mommy and Me class, wouldn’t you agree?
Naturally, these courses are taught only in Los Angeles, New York, and London. But since your children are no doubt headed to Oxford on scholarship, you can afford to dip into their trust funds and charter a flight. –Julie and Liz
LA Moms: Have your nannies look into the upcoming class on 10/13


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