I always admire parents with a great eye – you know, the ones who enter the "my nursery is awesome and yours isn’t" type of contests on AT: Nursery, and actually win. I think their kids are so lucky to get to grow up in such beautiful, artful spaces where not every inch of wall is claimed by ducks or rabbits.

For those of you that fit this description (or those who wish they did), I present the striking geometric mobiles from mom of two and prolific California designer, Vilija Marshall of Oras.

High density foam squares or ovals dangle from a wall-mounted bar, making a striking tableau over a dresser or crib – provided it’s out of arm’s reach. (At $180 this isn’t something you want your kid gnawing on when he’s old enough to pull himself up.) Each one is handmade and signed by the artist to boot.

The truth is, they’d look great in any room. But there’s something wonderfully indulgent about putting a real piece of art in a child’s space. I’d say spend less on the crib and a little more on the art. It will last you a whole lot longer and it’s less likely to get peed on. –Liz

CMP readers: Save 10% on your purchase! Just email info@orasdesigns.com before you order for the 411.


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