I cannot be the only loser mom out there with the very best intentions as far as Halloween costumes go–only to end up sobbing in the empty costume aisle on October 30th, trying to decide if I go for the one cheesy cheerleader costume that’s left, or just try to make something out of tin foil at home.

Baby Candy to my rescue. The mom-run shop known for packaging their baby tees and onesies like candy and "serving" them on little plates has come through for the procrasti-moms among us, big time. Behold the "This is My ________ Costume" onesies and tees.

Now kids up to 4T can troll for candy in (somewhat) appropriate garb, while their parents get huge kudos the clever idea. All you do is fill in the blank and your work is done. Just don’t wait until the 30th to order yours–try and be a procrastinator with a little foresight for a change. -Liz


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