If there was ever a time I that I wished my son would keep a hat on his head, it is now. The leaves are turning, the wind is chilling, and Kitsel is mocking me with their fantastic selection of Born to Love beanies.

I’ve even considered super glue.

Okay, I’m not that desperate just yet, but when you see these hats, the thought might pop into your head. Designed by a stay-at-home-mama and her artistic husband, these locally made beanies are way cooler than your classic baby skull cap but just as effective in keeping head and ears warm for kids up to 3T. Definitely worth a little baby wrangling for.

 If only my son were in agreement. -Kristen 

Use the code "COOL" to get 10% off your order.

Congratulations to Emily E., who won the argyle beanie!

Tags: baby clothes

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