Aside from stressing about what toys won’t poison my kids this holiday season and trying to communicate that clearly and effectively to my in-laws, I’ve got our Christmas cards on my mind — what to wear, what should they say, how are we going to strap down my son long enough to get his picture…

But when the folks at Rattle-n-Roll sent me an email last night about their new holiday cards, I think they may have just solved my dilemma. This family-run business (and one of our very faves) has decided to donate 100% of their proceeds from their super rockin’ gig poster holiday cards to the American Red Cross to assist in their efforts with the San Diego fires.

You can’t beat your whole family’s likeness (up to four family members) on a concert poster. It’s almost as good as being able to give back to this amazing cause with your holiday cards. Now that really does rock. -Kristen


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